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Inconceivable True Examples of Causality —killing fishes



Inconceivable True Examples of Causality

—killing fishes


This true example is the personal experience of Mr. Tsai who lives in Donggang Township of Pingtung County, told by himself. He is 41 years old this year. He owns a metal processing factory and also does the business of yacht renting. His financial situation is quite good and he also has a very happy family. Because he has grown up by the sea, he is very good at swimming. In the past, he rescued quite a few people who either unintentionally fell into water or were trying to commit suicide. Therefore, he can be regarded as a warm-hearted kind person. However, he also is addicted to a hobby, which is his passion for diving and shooting fish in his spare time. He said that when shooting the fish, he mostly aimed at the fish’s belly. This is because other parts of the fish have thick and hard muscles and thus it is not easy to penetrate through the fish. The fish has a better chance to escape. If the fish is shot at the belly, its intestine would quickly burst out while the fish is struggling. In that case, it will be very easy to catch the fish. For several years, he always engaged in such activities as a favorite pastime and did not feel anything improper in doing so at all.

On the 20thday of the 12thmonth of the lunar calendar of 1981, an unfortunate incident finally occurred. On that day, his friend drove a motorcycle to take him to Wandan Town to handle some matter. At 7 pm when they were on the way of returning to Donggang, their motorcycle had a face-on collision with an oncoming truck. After falling to the ground, Mr. Tsai was run over by the truck’s rear wheel on his abdomen. Right there, he burst open in the middle and all his entrails gushed out. The bloody wound was too miserable to look at. At that time, although Mr. Tsai had suffered such a severe injury, his mind was still quite clear. He saw that the miserable wound he had suffered was almost the same as the situation of the fish being shot at the belly. Then, he immediately realized how painful, tormented, sad, and angry the fish’s feeling was at the time of being shot!

Right after, his friends immediately took him to several well-known big hospitals in the city of Kaohsiung one by one. But the hospitals all declined to admit him due to the severity of his injury. Mr. Tsai could not stand their lack of morality of saving life and scolded them furiously. Later, he was brought to Surgeon Chiu’s clinic, where he was accepted after repeated earnest requests. After being treated for one week, he was still not out of the critical condition. He was then transferred to Surgeon Xiao’s clinic to take another chance. With the doctor’s meticulous treatment and care, his life was finally saved. Altogether, he had five surgeries, with three in the abdomen, one at the perineum, and one on his right thigh. The treatments had to reconnect his intestines, ureter, and the broken thigh bone. He was hospitalized for seven months before returning home to continue recuperating.

His experience of getting his life back from the near-death ordeal was regarded as a miracle by many medical professionals as well as his family members and relatives. People all believed that this probably had to do with Mr. Tsai’s good deeds of saving the lives of several people in the past. However, the unfortunate fact is that one who saves people but on the other hand, also kills fish for enjoyment still cannot escape from the due retribution. This incident is truly worthy of pondering deeply by people in the world to introspect themselves.


Inconceivable True Examples of Causality —killing fishes


Link: https://greatprajna.org/2019/09/29/inconceivable-true-examples-of-causality-killing-fishes/


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Verses of Praise to H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III It is Fortunate to Encounter the Correct Dharma


Verses of Praise to H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III

It is Fortunate to Encounter the Correct Dharma


Cyclic lives and reincarnations

No end to love and hate

Fortunate for the correct Dharma of Dorje Chang Buddha

Cycles of birth and death are thus cut off


By Disciple of H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III,

Hua Zong


Link: https://greatprajna.org/2019/09/25/verses-of-praise-to-h-h-dorje-chang-buddha-iii-it-is-fortunate-to-encounter-the-correct-dharma-2/

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While Learning from the Buddha I Found My Life Companion


While Learning from the Buddha I Found My Life Companion



During my childhood, I always heard my elder-generation relatives saying, “We had better not to marry our daughters out. Otherwise, they may have a bad fate.”


I was always puzzled by their saying so. As I grew up in life, I saw the way of life between husband and wife among my elder-generation relatives. Their life is busy at home and busy with their children every day. After getting married, the husband and wife lack common interests and their relationship gradually turns into a relation like two parallel lines within the family. All day long they turn around and are occupied by the necessities of daily life. I gradually understood why the elder relatives would say so. Upon stepping into society, I cautiously remembered the advices from my elder relatives and even feared leading such a life.


I first met my companion during a social occasion. We did not immediately establish a contact after that. Sometime later, we connected again. I was just in a period of feeling lost in my life, having worked in society for two to three years. Because of lack of care to myself, warning signs appeared in my health. Seeing my classmates at school stepping into family life, I admire them very much. However, I also recalled the words spoken by my elder relatives about caution against a bad fate through marriage. I retreated again.


One day, an elder relative told me that everything is due to causality. Our getting ill is also due to causality. My mind was shaken by the words. It seemed that I found the answers to the puzzle I had toward my own life and to the warning signs in my health. While thinking of how to solve these issues, I went to the gate of a famous temple and stayed there for about five minutes. During this brief period of time, I recalled my experience from childhood when I was led by my elder relatives to come and chant sutras. I was told that if I follow the crowd to pay homage, I will be blessed. That experience did not leave me with a good impression. I did not feel that doing so could solve my issues of causality. So, I turned around and left.


Six months later, I met my companion again. That day, he invited me to go to the Buddha hall to respectfully listen to the recorded Dharma discourses expounded by H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III. The Dharma discourse we listened to is “Do You Clearly Believe in the Law of Cause and Effect?”  What I heard was like a round of loud thunder. I finally found the answer. Everything I have today is due to the causes I planted in the past. Although I did not have a complete understanding yet, I no longer had fear and felt lost. I also gradually knew what I should do through respectfully reading “What Is Cultivation?” expounded by H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III. The following passages from this Dharma expounded by His Holiness the Buddha caused me to benefit deeply, “Cultivation is cultivating the increase of good karma and cultivating the avoidance of bad karma. It is increasing good karmic conditions, planting good causes, and reaping good effects. It is avoiding the increase of bad karmic conditions, not planting bad causes, and avoiding the reaping of bad effects.” “The Law of Cause and Effect does not err. It cannot be eliminated. To say that it can is to take a nihilistic point of view. Hence, we can only build a wall of good karma, which is like building a retaining wall. This wall of good karma has the effect of blocking us from our evil karma. Thus, only through learning from the Buddha, cultivating the conduct of the Buddha, and ultimately becoming a Buddha can we thoroughly liberate ourselves from the karma (cause and effect) that binds us to the cycles of reincarnations. “

In 2014 we decided to get married and have our honeymoon in the United States to attend Buddhist events. We became husband and wife under such karmic conditions. Because we are respectfully listening to the recorded Dharma discourses expounded by H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III together, we have the same idea on many things and mutually have a lot of accommodations and understandings. Such an outcome completely broke the prophecy of having a bad fate from a marriage that I heard in my childhood.

I am grateful to the compassionate blessing from H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III. That enabled me to find my life companion. On the other hand, my companion caused me to establish my karmic connection with the true Dharma of Tathagatas.

I am grateful to H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III!

Buddhist Disciple:  Duanfama, in prostration


I prostrate to  Namo H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III!

Namo H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III!

Namo H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III!


While Learning from the Buddha I Found My Life Companion (Learning the Buddha Dharma of H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III)


Link: https://greatprajna.org/2019/09/22/while-learning-from-the-buddha-i-found-my-life-companion/

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觀世音菩薩大悲加持法會 ——感言分享(三十八)不可思議的奇蹟再一次降臨, 感恩 南無第三世多杰羌佛!



觀世音菩薩大悲加持法會 ——感言分享(三十八)

不可思議的奇蹟再一次降臨, 感恩 南無第三世多杰羌佛




2018年6月份原計劃要去加州參加慶祝  南無第三世多杰羌佛佛誕的法會。出發前兩日,我接到台灣家人的電話得知我母親情況很危急,可能隨時會走,醫生讓孩子們快回去,並要家人簽署發生緊急時,是選擇急救或放棄急救的同意書。全家人頓時沒了主張,醫護人員分析說我母親體弱年紀大,多重器官衰竭,再電擊壓胸急救恐遭受肋骨斷裂、胸口皮膚燒焦、口鼻流血,急救後有可能依然救不回來,或一口氣救回來後,病情更加嚴重等情況。醫生又問說急救之後若不行了,要選擇何種方式急救,要家屬做選擇,這真的讓全家頓時陷入兩難。若簽了不急救的單子,表示緊急情況發生後,我母親就没了。於是單子就一直放在我父親的桌上,沒有人想簽名。醫生天天催著要我們做決定,此時的我也陷入兩難,我想趕回台灣見我母親最後一面,但我又必須帶我聞法點的師兄姊去加州參加活動。此次活動天數較長,事情較多且行程聯絡都由我安排。經再三思考慮後我認為我不能丟下團隊,決定去加州。我打了電話給我父親和大姐說明原因,我告知他們,若我回去台灣,只能眼睜睜,等著見母親最後一面什麼也幫不了。但倘若我去加州,我可以去為母親祈福,若到時母親沒了,我便去祈求偉大的佛陀 南無第三世多杰羌佛超渡母親,說完我父親馬上就同意了。


於是我按照計劃去了加州,行程安排得很緊湊忙碌。每天只要沒接到家裡緊急的消息即是好消息,代表母親還活著。我天天祈求佛菩薩加持我母親。在加州的最後一天我們有緣去參加了一場大悲觀音加持法會。法會中 觀世音菩薩親自告訴我,要我最遲星期四便啟程回台灣,否則將見不到我母親最後一面。


我星期三回到紐約訂不到當天的機票後,我拜託旅行社一定要幫我訂到星期四的機票。於是下了飛機,我直奔醫院。母親在加護病房插管已住了快一個月,身上說得出名稱的什麼管都插上了,情況只能用三個惨字來形容。 我已做好見我母親最後一面的心理準備,家人連葬儀社都聯絡好了,告別式的型式也已討論好。


這次去加州得遇好因緣   南無第三世多杰羌佛慈悲加持給與會大眾每人一顆珍貴的甘露丸。大家都當場吃了,直說甘露好香啊!我緊緊地將甘露丸握在手中,想著帶回去給我母親服用。當我回到台灣趕到加護病房時,我父親一直試著將我母親搖醒,過了許久她終於聽到我呼喊的聲音,眼睛勉強吃力的睜開了少許。於是我在她耳邊,輕輕為她宣說偉大的佛法,並要她安心不要害怕,我們有 南無第三世多杰羌佛做我們的依靠,要她凡事放下,若看到佛菩薩來了就跟著佛菩薩到佛國去。我請她在心裡跟著我念誦 南無第三世多杰羌佛和 南無觀世音菩薩的聖號,我父親也在一旁跟著誦念,我把甘露泡在水裡,用棉花棒沾在她嘴裡並塗抹在她額頭上。希望有甘露的加持能讓她舒服一些,很不可思議,奇蹟再一次降臨在我母親的身上。母親奇蹟似的好轉。吃了甘露丸後,母親得到了大加持,才幾天的時間便轉到普通病房。醫生說觀察若沒發燒,母親即可出院。之前家人的心情有如坐過山車,七上八下心情起伏很大。每天要承受母親隨時會走,不能平安活著渡過的沉重壓力。家人每天守著,已經心力交瘁,都已到達崩潰的臨界點。當時母親身體的幾個器官都已衰竭,抵抗力很差,血液細菌感染,口鼻裡都插著管子。每小時還要抽痰1~2次,狀況極差。尤其抽痰時和抽出血水來時的痛苦狀真讓我不忍直視,所以我便一直祈求佛菩薩早一點接走母親,不想母親再受苦了! 但由於得到佛法的加持,這一次母親又從鬼門關前走回來,弟子全家非常感恩 南無第三世多杰羌佛 和 南無觀世音菩薩。


自我知曉世上來了偉大的佛陀 南無第三世多杰羌佛後,我想接引我的家人一起學佛,但家人都不相信世界上來了偉大的佛陀,父親還怕我被騙,要我小心,直到我母親第一次病危通知,當天我即刻買了回台灣的機票並請我大姐去取我留給她的聖物(南無第三世多杰羌佛修法的金剛砂)。我擔心回去趕不上見母親最後一面,便叮嚀我大姐在母親的頭上放一些金剛砂讓我母親有聖物加持,能一路好走。結果在我趕回台灣上飛機前收到簡訊,大姐說:“妳給的那個金鋼砂好不可思議,母親原本全身很是冰涼,額頭放上金剛砂後體溫就從額頭慢慢的熱起來,然後全身體溫就都回來了!”。


直到我趕回去,每天領著家人陪我母親念誦   南無第三世多杰羌佛和 南無觀世音菩薩的聖號,有空便去我家對面的公園放生蚯蚓為母親祈福,奇蹟就這麼發生了! 我母親離奇的好轉,順利拔管。轉普通病房才一天時間,醫生便宣佈母親可以出院回家,並要我學習回家後如何幫她翻身和做床上復健,告知我母親年紀大了,住院太久骨頭關結都僵硬了,以後可能無法行走都得臥床。哪知道出院後回到家門口,我母親竟然自己走進屋裡,她的看護走在後方摻扶著,只見我父親高興笑得合不攏嘴,這是我家人第一次感受到不可思議的佛法加持。


後來我安排家人去參加觀音大悲加持法會,母親說 觀音菩薩來給她拍拍打打,父親說看到一道白光從頭頂直直射入到他的胸口很舒服,大姐說她看到了 觀音菩薩。法會後她們當場全部都請求皈依了,我父親還說他想成立聞法點接引人,想恭放 南無第三世多杰羌佛說法的法音給大家恭聞,親戚朋友來探望我母親時,我父親便總是告訴他們我家經歷了如此殊勝的事情。結果我舅舅和舅媽反而在我父親之前先成立了聞法點。


另外我還想提一下,在我母親加護病房,隔壁床住了一位老先生,他已在醫院待了一段很長的時間。他的太太和兒子在院門口遇到我說:“沒看見你母親還以為她已往生了”。於是我便告知他們,母親已於當日轉到普通病房,隔日便可出院。她嚇了一跳拉著我的手直問:“妳母親病得這麼嚴重,怎可能在這麼短的時間好轉並且還要出院了呢?妳們有為她做過什麼特別的事嗎?”我告訴她不管妳信不信,我母親是得到 南無第三世多杰羌的加持。她說她相信,問我金剛砂去哪可以買到,多少錢都沒關係。我告訴她聖物用錢是買不到的,只要她相信我可以和她結緣。於是我們便約好第二天我去辦出院手續前和她一起去加護病房看望她先生。她先生在加護病房已經住了很久,很少清醒,還被感染了一些會傳染的病菌。我倆要穿特殊的隔離衣戴上口罩才能進入,以免被感染。進去後這位先生都在昏迷中,要一直搖他喊他很久後才眨一眨眼睛,他太太在他耳邊先介紹我來探訪,我即在他耳邊為他宣說偉大的佛陀已經來到這個世界,請他在心裡跟著我們一起誦念 南無第三世多杰羌佛和 南無觀世音菩薩的聖號。在念誦聖號時,我們都看到他閉著的眼睛流下了淚。 他不是佛教徒,經他太太同意,我又領著他念了三皈依和懺悔文並要他在心裡做懺悔。之後我也在他身上塗了一點金剛砂及請他兒子在鼻胃管中加一些法水,裡頭還特別放了菩提金剛丸和喀啅安得丸,我真心希望他能和我母親一樣得到加持。


我母親出院後的當天下午,全家人很開心,坐在客廳聊天。該母子二人突然出現在家門口,我迎上門去才知道她們是來感謝我的。他們緊緊的握著我的手激動的一直道謝說我是她們家的恩人。我連忙要她們不要謝我,要感恩 南無第三世多杰羌佛,一切皆是她們的好因緣。她問我是學什麼的,說要和我一起修學。她見證了不可思議的佛法加持。 加護病房每天早上和下午都會開放30分鐘讓家屬探望病人,我和他太太是早上去的,但經佛法加持後的當天下午,他太太又去探望時,發現先生清醒著睜開眼睛,雙手自己移動到胸前等待她們,這是許久以來從沒有過的情形,直說太不可思議了!


想想為何我母親幾次病危時,每每關關難過關關過?鬼門關前不知走了幾回,連醫生都覺得不可思議無法解釋呢? 其實答案很簡單,就是“相應”二字。我母親只要清醒時都不斷在心裏念誦 南無第三世多杰羌佛和 南無觀世音菩薩的聖號! 也是由於她相信所以相應,這一切奇蹟都來自偉大的佛法加持啊! 我們全家都很感恩 南無第三世多杰羌佛和  南無觀世音菩薩的加持!


加持從何而來? 恭聞 南無第三世多杰羌佛殊勝的法音裡,佛陀告訴我們,佛菩薩的加持如同太陽光一樣照射著每一個人,但若您躲在陰暗面就照不到陽光,這些年我跟很多人結緣過聖物都希望大家能得到佛菩薩的加持,提醒他們要多恭聞 南無第三世多杰羌佛親說法音,一起跟隨佛陀修學正法,虔誠的修行和修法以求相印才能得到大加持、大解脱、生活幸福美滿、最終一起移民到佛國去!


感恩 南無第三世多杰羌佛!

感恩 南無觀世音菩薩

感恩 十方諸佛菩薩!



扎西達娃 頂禮


觀世音菩薩大悲加持法會 ——感言分享(三十八)不可思議的奇蹟再一次降臨, 感恩 南無第三世多杰羌佛




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Inconceivable True Examples of Causality —killing ants


There is a person who used to be very disgusted by the presence of ants. Every time when he saw many ants gathering in a corner or moving on the ground, he would lit a fire to burn them all without leaving even one alive. He enjoyed doing that for several years. As a result, countless ants had been burned to death by him. An unfortunate incident eventually happened. One day, the gas pipe in his home started to leak due to long-term tear and wear and lack of repair and caused an explosion while he turned on the gas. Being scared and startled, he ran over to shut off the gas. However, the fire was very strong and the temperature was very high. He suffered serious burn injury throughout his body. Due to the serious and urgent situation, he was sent to different major hospitals for emergency treatment. The doctors said at that time, more than 40% of his skin was scorched and his life was at risk. Therefore, he must stay in a large hospital for long-term treatment. It is a known fact that the treatment of scalded or scorched injuries is the most painful and risky process, which can be called torturing of hell occurring in the human world. Even if he is lucky to get his life back in the future, the skin will still have difficult-to-remove scars and the patient will have serious sequela. Therefore, what he went through was truly a horrible experience.


Inconceivable True Examples of Causality —killing ants


Link: https://greatprajna.org/2019/09/17/inconceivable-true-examples-of-causality-killing-ants/



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發表於 第三世多杰羌佛辦公室說明

第三世多杰羌佛辦公室 (第十八號說明)





一、 南無第三世多杰羌佛說:“末法時期,什麼無中生有的怪事都會憑空發生,因此佛教徒們要非常慎重。我這一生來到這個世界,還沒有跟任何一個叫陳俊光的人單獨說過話,也許在接待大眾的時候,有姓名叫陳俊光的人在大眾中見到過我,但是我沒有時間去分別誰是陳俊光、他是幹什麼的。至於誰是高僧大德,你們只能相信世界佛教總部的考試,考到級別段位的人才能證明是幾斤幾兩,我也只相信求實的考試。”

二、 恆公仁波且從來不認識陳俊光這個人,因為他自己的工作繁忙,沒有時間跟佛教徒們來往;

三、 隆智仁波且說:“首先,我只是一個正在努力學佛修行的普通人,不是大聖德。其次,我聽說過陳俊光這個名字,但是不認識他長什麼樣子,跟他從來沒有過任何的口頭、電話或文字聯繫,也沒有安排任何人跟他聯繫過。我認都不認識這個人,又怎麼會去指導他做什麼呢?”

四、 難怪祿東贊法王在圓寂之前的兩年前,有人在會上提出台灣有個陳俊光如何如何,祿東贊法王當時就說:“這個陳俊光我勸導過他,但他脫離修行,不聽教化。其實,這世界上哪裡才一個陳俊光?這些無稽之談的事情不值一提。”







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