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Dharma Assembly of Empowerment by Kuan Shi Yin Bodhisattva’s Mind of Great Compassion ——A Note Written Afterwards to Describe the Most Magnificent Scene at the Site



Dharma Assembly of Empowerment by Kuan Shi Yin Bodhisattva’s Mind of Great Compassion

——A Note Written Afterwards to Describe the Most Magnificent Scene at the Site


At 3 o’clock in the afternoon on September 1, 2016, the crowd gathered at the Sasykmuni Sakyamuni Buddha Hall at Hua Zang Si in San Francisco, USA, finally welcomed the beginning of the Dharma Assembly of Empowerment by Kuan Shi Yin Bodhisattvas Mind of Great Compassion, which they have eagerly waited for more than 10 years. The dharma assembly was led by the current abbess Great Dharma Master Ruo Hui to practice the dharma.

The dharma assembly was attended by monastics of the temple and laypersons of good faith. Some of them also served as dharma protectors during the dharma assembly. At that time, the wide, brightly illuminated, and clean great hall was in an atmosphere of plain and pure peace. All attendees were standing inside a wide and spacious area defined by blue-colored labels. After following the leading dharma master to prostrate three times to pay homage to the Buddha and practice the mantras, a brief introduction was given by Dharma Master Ruo Hui that stated the requirements for practicing the dharma to the attending crowd. Next, all followed her verbal signal to close eyes, stand with shoulders relaxed, and raise arms to the horizontal position to enter into the state of the dharma.

We are boundlessly grateful to the empowerment from H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III and the greatly loving and compassionate Kuan Shi Yin Bodhisattva! We are grateful to Dharma Master Ruo Hui for leading the dharma practice to let all monastics and laypersons who came to the empowerment dharma assembly to receive the magnificent empowerment from the Buddha power and generate responses at various degrees!

In less than one minute after the empowerment dharma assembly had started, Monastic Shi Zhengding was the first to begin swinging the upper body spontaneously to enter the state of getting empowerment. Immediately after, elder Monastic Shi Zhengjian standing in the first row also entered the state. Then, the sound of open and unconstrained laughing filled with dharma joy loudly reached every corner of the grand hall. A few minutes after the start, two elder laypersons standing in the last row began to bend their waists forward and either shake their body or knock the kneelsknees? at the tune of a rhyming frequency. Did they do so by their own intention? We learned from the experience-sharing session held after the dharma assembly that they all individually received the magnificent empowerment from Kuan Yin Bodhisattva and the Buddha force. One can now lift both arms that could not be lifted by force for a long time. Also, the two kneels that were heavy, stiff, and painful due to fatigue and wearing have now been cured by the empowerment from Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. Also, another layperson described that she received nectar dropped down from Kuan Yin Bodhisattva’s willow branch and the pain in her shoulder and arm immediately disappeared.

My dharma name is Shi Zhengxin. I am also one of the attendees of this empowerment dharma assembly. I was standing at a position in the third row between two round pillars. The space around me was very wide and open, but I just stood there without any movement from beginning to end. The description from a monastic who is more senior than me is “Kept staying there like a wooden pole!” As seen from the recorded video, it truly appears that I did not move away from the position I stood at, did not change my body posture, did not open my eyes, and was not interfered by the external state. I now share some of the sensation and correspondence that occurred within me and my experience from the magnificent empowerment by the Buddha force:

With the instruction of “Begin!” from the master in charge, I immediately felt a cleansing and cool flow spread all over my body and percolating inside me.

During the first several minutes I still knew that I was standing inside the Sakyamuni Buddha Hall. The laughter from the senior monastics before me entered my ears and was echoing continuously. Then a monastic next to me fell to the ground and cried loudly, while stepping her feet on the floor. None of these incidents interfered with my clean and pure inner mind. A caption in motion with the writing of “Realizing there is no state outside the mind, no idea will be generated.” began to appear repeatedly inside my brain. Without knowing how long had passed thereafter, the caption disappeared without a trace. My body only felt cleanness, purity, and becoming empty. Next, the left hand vanished; the left arm vanished; the right hand vanished; and the right arm vanished. After that, my left foot, left leg, right foot, right leg, eyes, nose, and ears all successively disappeared, in this order. All of a sudden, my body transformed into a lump of white light and leaped upward into the space.

While ascending, I felt that the back-lower piece of my monastic robe flew up. Next, I was in the sky and passing through white clouds. I first saw the Sun. Then, while I continued to fly forward horizontally, the Moon came to me. At the moment of passing the Moon from below, a total and full illumination was before my eyes. Right after that, a huge round of rotating purple light that was expanding through the space pushed toward me from far away. My eyes were covered by white color. I raised my head to look upward and saw that the wavy white color was an extremely huge skirt. Looking further up, I saw the waist-long black long hair. Then I saw the left hand and the face. The skin was lustrously white like cream…… Ah, Kuan Yin Bodhisattva came! Yes, He is Kuan Yin Bodhisattva. His body brought breezy and refreshing wind. He passed from right to left lightly and swiftly before my eyes. He lightly and gently touched my raising hands with His tremendously big warm and soft but power-carrying hand. My face opened up a beautiful smile. At this time, without knowing why, I saw below that the crowd attending the dharma assembly were no longer in the Sakyamuni Buddha Hall and, rather, were in a magnificently majestic palace, where beautifully pleasing heavenly music was playing and echoing. I tried to identify and recognize everyone, but they were not whom I knew in the crowd. Then they and the sound from them went further and further away from me.

Next, my both hands slowly descended down to my waist. Then, I put my palms together in front of my chest and formed a mudra that I had never made before. When the dharma assembly ended, the time was exactly 52 minutes and 53 seconds after 3 o’clock. My body and mind felt a kind of lightness, pleasure, and fulfilment that I had never experienced before.

I most sincerely prostrate to H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III,

I most sincerely prostrate to the greatly loving, greatly compassionate, and calamity-relieving Namo Kuan Shi Yin Bodhisattva,

For Their empowerment that bestowed corresponding benefits to all attendees of the dharma assembly. I am also grateful to Dharma Master Ruo Hui for benefiting the messes with a compassionate heart.



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發表於 轉發《揭開真相》

《揭開真相》(二十六) 提前預言百萬飛鳥到


《揭開真相》(二十六) 提前預言百萬飛鳥到


有兩件事是我們經常要去做的,一是做為廟上的宗教師,幫助信眾恭聞H. H. 第三世多杰羌佛說法開示的法音,雖然我們法師水平不高,但還能輔導初入門的行人。另外一件事就是放生,慈悲善良的佛母經常帶著我們前去放生,這是平等不分高低貴賤, 都能實行的利他善舉。






有緣來到這裡的動物都很有善根,比如,駐地裡有隻西施犬, 佛陀師父為牠取名叫「祥瑞」,牠本來是撿回來的流浪狗,來到駐地後,很快就皈依了佛陀師父,對佛陀師父十分恭敬,隨時見到佛陀師父就頂禮膜拜,除此之外,只要你把錢拿在手中說要供養佛陀師父,佛陀師父說不收,但是祥瑞會一個箭步搶上去,把錢咬到就跑,然後交到佛陀師父手中, 當然佛陀師父還是不會收,會退回的。


最近友人借放了一隻形象猶如北極熊一模一樣的狗,名字叫「緲緲」, 到了第三天就皈依了佛陀師父,隨時都頂禮膜拜。




二○一二年十二月十九日傍晚, 當時有丹瑪翟芒第二世隆智丹貝尼瑪尊者、阿寇拉摩仁波切、款居士、永登貢布仁波切、洛本仁波切、卻吉格勒仁波切、宣慧阿闍黎、頓珠師姐、杜英慈師姐、文利阿闍黎、華空法師、美玲阿闍黎、志紅師姐等人一同隨行,當佛陀師父的車隊,行經Lost Hill 市的時候,大家在加油站稍作休息,由於這個加油站位在沙漠地帶,只有很少的幾枝小樹,佛陀師父突然對大家說:「這個地方叫做『鳥城』,不要看現在只有兩、三隻鳥, 等一會兒會有百萬隻鳥來。」杜英慈師姐對佛陀師父問到:「真的嗎?」佛陀師父說:「難道不真嗎?」果然最多十分鐘的時間, 大家上完洗手間後走了出來,彷彿天空烏雲蓋頂,一大片黑壓壓的鳥群果然來了,起碼有上百萬隻的飛鳥就在頭頂上空,分成三到四層,各自表演舞姿,飛舞穿梭,最高層的那排有雲層那麼高, 最低層的一排則有屋頂那麼高,也就是三到四米那麼高,所以翅膀飛動的聲音非常地清楚,加上有頭鳥指揮鳥群起舞,動作十分統一,發出「唰唰」長短之聲,甚有節奏,轉彎翻背,色彩變化統一,高度波浪起伏,在佛陀師父頭頂上空,現出多姿舞技。高空飛舞的鳥群,組成圓團、圈隊、扁隊、長隊,最高的一層甚至突然掉下來, 猶如掉下降落傘一般,又突然整體上沖,大家一下子歡呼起來,都驚叫說像煙火爆花, 就這樣表演有二十分鐘左右,都離不開佛陀師父的上空。佛陀師父很為難地說:「謝謝你們啦 !謝謝你們啦 !」




這時佛陀師父拿食物加持牠們, 當然這點食物是不夠牠們吃的,就是拉一卡車食物來, 也不夠這麼多鳥吃,牠們好像似乎在互相謙讓,都沒有一隻下地吃食物,佛陀師父讓款師兄把車開到了大路旁停了下來,這時在其他樹上的鳥,也飛到了佛陀師父車旁的樹上,來恭看佛陀師父,樹枝都快壓斷了,鳥站的最低位置已將枝條壓下來,平行到佛陀師父的車門了,特別是佛陀師父座位的車門前, 聚集了最多的鳥,牠們毫不顧忌旁邊有人,佛陀師父打開車窗讚嘆牠們,加持牠們。


也許這世界上有人看到這個情境,他是不相信的,可是這畢竟是很多人聽到H. H. 第三世多杰羌佛提前作了預言,看到了兌現預言的事實,這根本就不是人為做得到的,哪一位聖德有這本事提前十分鐘預言,根本找不到 !當時丹瑪翟芒尊者隆智師兄用手機錄了相,由於距離太高、太遠,攝影功能達不到最高的一層取景,只錄到了近處,我只好去請問了當時去過的很多人,證實了這件鐵的事實。比如杜英慈師姐是一位知名的博士,曾經擔任美國洛杉磯阿罕博拉聯合學區(Alhambra Unified School District) 退休成人教育總校長及社區教育處處長, 也曾任國際同濟會(Kiwanis International)的領導,現為舊金山美國國際藝術館館長之一,是很有道德的一位人士。特別是二十五大王臣之一的丹瑪翟芒尊者親自說了過程,那自然是對因果的發言,無話可說的, 因為他是執持正義行持的人,我只能說,我們平常見到過的尊者、法王們,幾乎沒有人能與他比起行持的,他也是證得日月輪的師資聖德,據我們所知,他與祿東贊法王、開初仁波切在修持上, 各有長處,都是同等資級的聖德證量,他們一步一步修上來的, 從大德進取到一星須彌輪聖德,再進取到二星須彌輪聖德,又再進取到三星須彌輪聖德,又經加強實修行持,翻越了須彌輪聖德, 進入了日月輪師資聖德的聖量,佛陀師父也認可我的說法,佛陀師父說:「他們三個在行持的增益和損減上,各有不同,祿東贊法王注重法性真如清修,十分用功,晝夜恆時、吃飯穿衣無有間斷,證法性平等,但不與行人交往,故有欠缺菩薩利生之業。開初仁波切注重嚴持戒律,默默自修,密行內涵,不揚教法,證量顯著,但未息世法外緣。丹瑪翟芒尊者注重的是依教行持,正見揚法,言行低調,從不讚己誹他,毫無日月輪師資聖德的外露之氣,他的工作十分辛苦,非常勞累,在弘法利生上,是真正建立了菩薩行修功德的功臣,他平易近人,但言行過於直率,易傷自我緣起,消耗功德。他們三位雖然差池各異,但不是某些尊者、法王、大法師們能相提並論的,他們已經是優秀的了,所以他們才步入了日月輪師資聖德的領域。」


丹瑪翟芒尊者把整個經過向我講述了,令我非常感動,因為這不是巨聖佛陀,其他任何聖德都做不到 !


這篇文章整個文字記錄完成後,我拿著當時拍下來的,鳥在佛陀師父座車前的樹上的照片,去恭請佛陀師父看時,我說:「這個聖蹟太殊勝 !太了不起了 !佛陀師父的預言太驚人了 !可以說是史無前例,而且來百萬隻鳥,不但鳥群起舞,竟然還不怕人, 又那麼尊敬來親近佛陀師父。」你們想不到佛陀師父說什麼?佛陀師父說:「我哪裡有什麼本事預言 !這是碰巧說準了,飛了這麼多鳥來,美國的鳥知道人不會傷害牠們,牠們就養成不怕人的習慣了,這是很正常的現象,我何功何德啊 !你們不要往我身上安鑽石,無論怎樣安,我還是一個慚愧者,好好修行利益眾生才是要做的事 !」









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